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Qualified Live Exclusive Solar Leads Starting At $16 each

Overpaying for shared leads from HomeAdvisor, Angi, Modernize or others? Working with an agency that is only doing “okay”?

Our solar partners are paying just $16 per residential solar lead in most states and closing on average 1 in 50 leads. That is a cost per job acquisition of only $750! 

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Real-time & Exclusive

Our leads are generated and sent to you in real-time within seconds of the consumer submitting the request. And our leads are not shared with more than one company.

Homeowners Only

Over 97% of our leads are homeowners. Leads that are not homeowners are eligible for replacement

Phone Validation

Our leads are verified to ensure valid phone numbers, and invalid phone number leads are replaced

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How are your leads generated?

All of our leads are generated in-house through our paid advertising campaigns. Consumers visit our solar sites and submit our forms requesting a solar quote. Unlike brokered leads, we have full quality control over our leads because we generate them ourselves.

How do I receive the leads?

We can deliver the leads in real-time via text message, email, CRM and to your personalized reporting dashboard that we open for you.

Are the leads high quality?

Lead quality varies greatly depending on the lead type:

  • Aged web form leads have the lowest quality (<5% contact rate)
  • Real-time web form leads are mid-quality (10-20% contact rates)
  • Inbound call leads are high quality (100% contact rate, 5-25% appointment rate)
  • Appointment leads are very high quality (30-100% contact rate)

Given that we work primarily with real-time web form leads, you can expect to get in touch with 10-20% of the leads. Our leads perform best for sales teams of at least 3 people or more. Individual contractors may see more success with some of our other offerings such as call or appointment leads.

What if I get a bad lead?

A lead is eligible to be replaced if it is an invalid phone number, non-homeowner, or out of area. We'll replace a maximum of 10% of eligible bad leads per month.

How do I pay?

We work on a pay per lead model that has zero contracts, zero monthly fees and zero setup fees. Once you've confirmed your daily lead quantity and service area through the form, you can place your lead order via credit card or wire transfer.

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